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Pranjal Dahiya, a luminary in the realms of acting, modeling, and social media, has woven a captivating narrative within the tapestry of the Haryanvi music industry. Her journey began on May 5, 1996, in the vibrant city of Faridabad, Haryana, India. Coming from a modest Indian middle-class family, Pranjal’s aspirations soared to heights that matched her remarkable achievements.

Growing up in Faridabad, Pranjal Dahiya discovered her passion for the arts early on, and her tenacity propelled her towards the dazzling world of acting. With each step, she embraced the challenges and carved a niche for herself in the fiercely competitive entertainment landscape. Her charisma and talent soon captured the attention of audiences, making her a prominent figure not only in acting but also in the dynamic spheres of modeling and social media.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Pranjal remains grounded, a testament to her roots and upbringing. Her journey is a testament to the belief that dreams, when nurtured with dedication, can transcend the boundaries of one’s circumstances. Born into a family with humble beginnings, Pranjal Dahiya’s story is an inspiring ode to resilience, determination, and the pursuit of one’s passions.

Early Career and Musical Debut

Early Career and Musical Debut
Early Career and Musical Debut

From a tender age, Pranjal nurtured a profound love for the arts, particularly acting and modeling, envisioning herself as part of the dynamic world of showbiz. Her journey unfolded in 2018 when she made a significant entrance into the Haryanvi music scene with the release of Haryanvi Mashup 6.

Directed by the renowned music maestro Akki Kalyan, this marked Pranjal’s inaugural venture into acting, capturing the attention of audiences with her talent and setting the stage for a promising career in the vibrant entertainment industry.

The debut in Haryanvi Mashup 6 not only showcased Pranjal’s acting prowess but also highlighted her ability to seamlessly integrate into the music landscape. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her artistic exploration, leaving an indelible mark in the Haryanvi music domain and laying the foundation for a journey filled with creativity and expression.

Family Ties

Pranjal’s roots are deeply embedded in the close-knit community of Faridabad, where she hails from a family that values strong bonds and connections. The daughter of Shashi Dahiya and the late Seema Dahiya, Pranjal grew up surrounded by the warmth of her familial ties.

 Her family consists of her elder brother, Sushant Dahiya, younger brother, Rahul Dahiya, and elder sister, Neha Dahiya, forming a tight-knit unit that has played a pivotal role in shaping her character and values.

In addition to her immediate family, Pranjal also shares familial connections with Elroy Fernandez, who happens to be the father of the well-known actress Jacqueline Fernandez. These ties further enrich Pranjal’s family narrative, connecting her to a broader network and adding an extra layer of diversity to her familial landscape. Despite the glitz and glamour of her professional life, Pranjal remains rooted in the strong familial foundation from which she emerged.

Education and Pursuits

Pranjal embarked on her educational journey at Dynasty International School in Faridabad, where she laid the foundation for her academic pursuits. As of 2023, she continues her quest for knowledge by pursuing graduation at a private college, further enriching her understanding of the world beyond the spotlight.

 This commitment to education reflects Pranjal’s dedication to holistic personal growth, balancing her artistic endeavors with a desire for intellectual enrichment.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Pranjal’s diverse interests extend far beyond the stage. Apart from her flourishing career in acting and modeling, she finds joy in exploring new places, reflecting a passion for travel. Additionally, she embraces the thrill of bike riding, showcasing a multifaceted personality that transcends the boundaries of her professional life.

These pursuits not only contribute to her well-rounded character but also offer glimpses into the vibrant and dynamic facets of Pranjal’s life beyond the limelight.

Pranjal Dahiya’s impact on the Haryanvi music scene is undeniable, with her artistic prowess leaving an indelible mark on several chart-topping hits. Renowned for her tall and graceful presence, she quickly gained popularity for more than just her physical attributes.

 Pranjal’s captivating dance moves, coupled with her charismatic performances, have made her a celebrated figure in the industry. Some of her noteworthy songs, such as “Future,” “Tokk,” “DJ Bajwadungi,” “Jutti Kali,” and “Kamli,” showcase her versatility and contribute to the ever-growing legacy of her musical contributions.

Physical Attributes

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The individual stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, which translates to 168 centimeters or 1.68 meters. This moderate height is a notable aspect of their physical presence, contributing to their overall appearance.


With a weight of 55 kilograms or 121 pounds, the individual maintains a balanced and healthy body mass. This weight, when considered alongside other factors, contributes to their overall well-being and physique.


The individual boasts a well-proportioned figure, measured at 36-26-35. These measurements represent the bust, waist, and hip sizes, respectively. This hourglass figure adds a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing aspect to their physical attributes.

Hair Color

The person’s hair color is a rich brown, adding warmth and depth to their overall look. Hair color is a significant element in defining one’s appearance and can play a crucial role in complementing other features.

Eye Color

Their eyes are characterized by a deep and captivating black color. Eye color can often be a striking and defining feature, contributing to the uniqueness and expressiveness of an individual’s face.

These physical characteristics collectively create a distinctive and harmonious profile for the individual, showcasing a well-balanced combination of height, weight, figure, hair color, and eye color.

Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence
Social Media Influence

Pranjal’s popularity extends well into the realm of social media, where she has garnered a significant and devoted following. The digital landscape has become a platform for her to showcase her charisma and connect with fans from all walks of life.

With over 3.8 million followers on Instagram, she stands as a social media influencer with a considerable reach. Her ability to captivate and engage audiences is evident in the vibrant and diverse content she shares, making her a source of inspiration and entertainment for her followers.

On Instagram, Pranjal goes beyond mere numbers, actively fostering a community around her. Through her posts, stories, and interactions, she not only shares glimpses of her life but also creates a space where her fans can feel connected and involved.

This significant online presence speaks not only to her popularity but also to her impact as a digital influencer, using the platform to spread positivity, share experiences, and cultivate a sense of community among her ever-growing fan base.


In the realm of personal relationships, Pranjal Dahiya has been the subject of rumors regarding a potential association with fellow musical artist Aman Jaji. Gossips and speculations often surround public figures, especially those in the entertainment industry, adding an element of intrigue to their personal lives.

While the nature and depth of their connection remain uncertain, the public’s curiosity is piqued by the possibility of a romantic involvement between the two artists.

Despite the rumors, it’s essential to note that Pranjal Dahiya’s official marital status is unmarried. The distinction between personal and public life is crucial, and not every speculative rumor holds truth. Pranjal’s private life is rightfully protected, and until confirmed otherwise by reliable sources or personal statements, her relationship status should be considered as unofficial.

 This recognition emphasizes the importance of respecting the privacy of individuals in the public eye and avoiding undue assumptions about their personal affairs.

Accolades and Achievements

Pranjal Dahiya’s exceptional talent has garnered well-deserved recognition, evident in her notable achievements. In 2020, she clinched the prestigious Jema Award, a testament to her musical prowess and contribution to the Haryanvi music landscape.

This accolade not only acknowledges her individual accomplishments but also positions her as a standout artist within the industry, marking the beginning of what seems to be a promising career trajectory.

The accolades continued to pour in for Pranjal Dahiya in 2021 when she secured the Bharat Gaurav Award. This prestigious recognition further solidifies her status as a rising star in the Haryanvi music scene, emphasizing her impact and influence within the industry.

These awards not only celebrate her current achievements but also foreshadow a bright future for Pranjal, hinting at the potential for continued success and artistic contributions in the dynamic realm of Haryanvi music.

Net Worth

As of 2023, reports indicate that Pranjal Dahiya commands a substantial financial presence in the music industry. Her annual earnings are reported to be around $500,000, showcasing the financial success she has achieved through her music career.

In addition to her impressive yearly income, Pranjal’s estimated net worth stands at a remarkable $25 million, underscoring her not only as a talented artist but also as a shrewd business personality.

These figures reflect not just her musical accomplishments but also her ability to leverage her brand and marketability within the entertainment industry, solidifying Pranjal Dahiya’s position as a financially successful and influential figure.

Annual Earnings: $500,000
Net Worth: $25 million

Controversy and Resilience

While Pranjal Dahiya’s journey in the music industry has been predominantly triumphant, 2023 marked a notable deviation as she found herself embroiled in controversy. The issue stemmed from her remarks on the role of appearance in determining a song’s success, sparking a temporary setback in her industry relationships.

This incident brought to light the intricate and often delicate balance that artists navigate between the visual elements of their persona and the core essence of their talent.

The controversy underscored the ongoing debate within the entertainment industry about the significance of appearance versus musical prowess. Pranjal’s experience serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges artists face in managing public perceptions while staying true to their artistic vision.

While her past success may have been rooted in musical achievements, the incident in 2023 serves as a crucial turning point, prompting reflection on the nuanced relationship between appearance and talent in the evolving landscape of the music industry.

Continued Success

Undeterred by challenges, Pranjal Dahiya exhibits a tenacity that propels her career trajectory to new heights. Despite facing hurdles, she remains unwavering in her commitment to the craft of music. Pranjal’s perseverance in the face of adversity showcases not only her resilience but also her determination to overcome obstacles that may come her way, solidifying her status as a formidable force in the music industry.

Her undeniable talent serves as the cornerstone of her success, attracting a growing fan base and industry recognition. Pranjal’s ability to seamlessly blend her dedication with her musical prowess positions her as a promising figure in the world of music.

As she continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry, her fans can anticipate a future adorned with more accolades and musical hits, attesting to the enduring impact of Pranjal Dahiya in the ever-evolving realm of music.

List of Songs

  1. Tukda Dil Ka
  2. Gypsy
  3. Dj Pe Matkungi
  4. Nangad
  5. Bhagatt Aadmi
  6. Birthday
  7. Been
  8. Kale Ke Papa
  9. Paani Lewan Challi
  10. Jhumke
  11. Laada ka Lada
  12. 7 Janam
  13. Gaadi Paache Gaadi
  14. Chhatri (feat. pranjal dahiya)
  15. Teri Rahungi
  16. Superman Jat 2.0
  17. Badmasha Ke Gunn
  18. Mor Nachenge Jarur
  19. Asla
  20. Bhabhi Levan Aaye
  21. Superman Jat
  22. Demand
  23. Sone Ki Tagdi
  24. Saiyaan
  25. Shirt
  26. Plazzo
  27. Daman Bojh Ka
  28. Pehla Pyaar
  29. Dp
  30. Aaiye Re Kabootri
  31. Saat Samunder
  32. Sharmile Saiyaan
  33. Laare
  34. Kothe Uper Kothri
  35. Baba 4
  36. Neechi Neechi Nazar
  37. Kaali Range
  38. Bandook
  39. Sutli Kamar

Social Media Accounts

Instagram: Pranjal Dahiya
Facebook: Pranjal Dahiya
Twitter: Pranjal Dahiya
Snapchat: Pranjal Dahiya
Youtube: Pranjal Dahiya

Frequently Asked Questions

Pranjal Dahiya in a relationship?

Pranjal Dahiya’s relationship status is not officially confirmed.

Why is Pranjal Dahiya so famous?

Pranjal Dahiya gained fame due to her exceptional talent in the Haryanvi music scene, receiving awards like the Jema Award and Bharat Gaurav Award.

What is the net worth of Pranjal?

As of 2023, Pranjal Dahiya’s estimated net worth is $25 million.

Where is Pranjal Dahiya’s home?

Pranjal Dahiya’s current place of residence is not publicly disclosed.

Final Thoughts

Pranjal Dahiya emerges as a multifaceted personality, leaving an indelible mark on the Haryanvi music scene. Beyond the numerical details of her height, age, and familial background, Pranjal captivates audiences with her undeniable talent and dedication to her craft.

The awards she has garnered, including the Jema Award and Bharat Gaurav Award, underscore her rising prominence and musical prowess, solidifying her status as a notable figure in the industry.

While details about her personal life, including relationships and education, remain relatively private, Pranjal’s public persona is defined by her commitment to music. Her journey, marked by both triumphs and challenges, exemplifies resilience and determination.

As she continues to navigate the complex landscape of the music industry, Pranjal Dahiya’s biography serves as a testament to the enduring power of talent and hard work, hinting at a promising future filled with further accomplishments and musical milestones.

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