Did Brent and Pierson Break Up? The Truth Behind Their Recent Split

Popular YouTube personality Brent Rivera and his girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski have long been considered a power couple among fans. They frequently collaborated on funny and engaging videos showcasing their relationship for Brent’s massive following on YouTube and TikTok. The charismatic duo seemed to have an ideal Internet romance many admirers looked up to.

However, their normally active social media presence has changed noticeably since late 2022. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Brent and Pierson have suddenly stopped appearing together in new videos and photos after years of constant collaboration. They also haven’t been engaging with each other’s posts and stories on Instagram recently.

This abrupt shift after sharing so much of their relationship online has sparked speculation that Brent and Pierson may have broken up after over three years of dating. Their lack of direct responses addressing this rumor has left followers wondering what truly happened.

What did Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski do?

Brent Rivera is an LA-based actor and content creator known for his comedy sketches, challenge videos, and vlogs on YouTube and TikTok. He has amassed over 18 million dedicated followers across platforms with his charismatic personality and upbeat sense of humor.

Pierson Wodzynski made her mark as a TikTok star with over 5 million fans enjoying her popular dance videos. Many also came to know Pierson from her frequent collaborations with boyfriend Brent Rivera in fun videos showcasing their picture-perfect relationship through the years.

@piersonwhere dey at 👀♬ Back It up and Dump It (Dump Truck) – GC Eternal & Kinfolk Thugs

The couple could regularly be seen trying viral challenges together, pulling pranks on each other, attending glitzy events side by side, and being affectionate in both lighthearted and vulnerable vlog moments. Their natural chemistry translated well to wacky social media content that left followers wanting more.

Over time, TikTok dances Pierson choreographed to trending audios took off hugely with Brent happily participating alongside her. As both creators left their mark on social media through original comedic and dance content, their fairy tale Internet romance blossomed simultaneously.

Relationship status of Brent and Pierson

Relationship status of Brent and Pierson

In 2022, fans started noticing something seemed off between the two stars. Brent and Pierson began appearing solo in all their social media posts rather than interacting or collaborating. Where TikTok dances starring the couple once blew up routinely, this content halted entirely in recent months.

The sweet comments and inside jokes Brent and Pierson would exchange under each other’s posts also slowed before ceasing at the end of 2022. Neither creator makes acknowledgement of their partner on social media anymore.

With no public displays of affection or joint creative projects between them for an extended time now, the duo’s still unconfirmed relationship status remains ambiguous – though it doesn’t appear promising.

Brent has shared mysterious tweets about relationships ending and new beginnings while Pierson has posted about loss, healing, and focusing only on positivity now. Followers have noticed neither have worn the matching necklaces they got each other for some time.

While no concrete statements have been made, their recent social media activity points towards potentially calling it quits after years together in the spotlight.

Are Brent and Pierson married?

Are Brent and Pierson married

As young entertainers fully embracing the influence and opportunities social media fame brought them, marriage did not seem to be a priority or possibility for Brent and Pierson so far during their early 20s.

Though together for years and clearly doing well professionally as a couple up until recent months, there were also no indications that engagement or planning a wedding was on the horizon for them.

Some fans had speculated that the stars may already have tied the knot secretly or that Brent proposed privately off-camera. However, Brent and Pierson themselves only ever referred to the other as boyfriend/girlfriend – not fiancĂ©(e) or spouse.

It is highly unlikely the typically very public couple would have gotten married at any point within the last year without announcing it to loyal followers. Considering their current lack of any open association or communication, a pending marriage between the two now seems out of the question.

Is Brent’s girlfriend pregnant?

Among circumstantial speculation around why Brent and Pierson evidently ended their once-solid relationship, pregnancy rumors also started swirling when she became less active online. But the rising TikTok star has not made any official pregnancy or motherhood announcements herself.

Focusing on fun performance content that entranced Gen Z audiences over the last few years, Pierson did not show signs she wanted to step back from social media fame to raise a child just yet while at 23 years old.

Unless Pierson confirms a pregnancy soon, related speculation is likely just gossip resulting from her gradual separation from Brent rather than based on facts around family planning. The two do not currently give any impression they are expecting a baby or planning for that stage of life as a couple right now.

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Did Brent and Pierson Break Up?

Did Brent and Pierson Break Up

While neither Brent nor Pierson have made unambiguous public statements confirming the end of their years-long relationship, all signs point to the fan-favorite YouTube couple likely breaking up. The complete lack of continued interaction and collaboration between the formerly inseparable pair implies they split.

It’s evident the two stars no longer engage on social media as they actively remove traces of their relationship from respective online presences. They also have not supported each other’s solo work or shown up together at events recently.

In the months leading up to 2022’s end, the couple had already begun limiting PDA and romantic references, potentially indicating issues brewing privately. But ceasing acknowledgement of their previously spotlighted relationship altogether suggests a formal breakup.

Though Brent, Pierson and their teams remain vague about the circumstances, it comes as no shock if analysis of recent changes in public behavior reveals a defeated young Hollywood romance rather than a strong one still thriving between adorable sweethearts.

Why are Brent and Pierson not together?

The now seemingly ex-couple have not given explicit statements on what may have led to their speculated breakup. Supporters have guessed that non-stop competing career priorities could have pulled them apart, that the stars fundamentally wanted different things from life and love moving forward, or simply that they matured away from compatibility the way many young relationships fizzle out in due course.

Maintaining not just any celebrity relationship but one under constant scrutiny from millions online comes with unique stressors too. Perhaps the pressure became too immense, they desired more privacy and autonomy, outside factors affected them overly or they just grew distant in light of focusing more exclusively on budding solo success nowadays.

For the time being, Brent and Pierson’s reasons for apparently ending their real-life love story remain confidential. Announcing the defeat of a long, extremely public relationship both prominent stars built brands behind would significantly impact them and their collective fans, so directly addressing the elephant in the room may still feel too overwhelming given media obsession with their business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pierson Wodzynski pregnant?

No official announcements suggest she is expecting a child.

Did Brent and Pierson publicly confirm their breakup?

No, but their social media behavior strongly implies a split.

Why might Brent and Pierson have ended their relationship?

Possible reasons include competing career priorities or evolving personal goals.

What was the nature of Brent and Pierson’s collaborative content?

They created humorous and engaging videos showcasing their relationship on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

How did fans react to the apparent breakup?

Fans expressed nostalgia and hoped for reconciliation, but accepted the couple may have moved on.


The once vibrant and highly visible relationship between Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski seems to have reached its end, with their social media activity indicating a significant shift away from each other. While neither has directly confirmed the breakup, the lack of interaction and collaborative content suggests a separation. Possible factors contributing to the split could include competing career priorities, evolving personal goals, or the pressures of maintaining a highly scrutinized public relationship. Despite fans’ nostalgic hopes for reconciliation, it appears that Brent and Pierson have closed this chapter of their lives. As they move forward individually, their former status as a beloved power couple of social media fades into memory, leaving followers to reminisce about the once-charming partnership that captured their hearts.

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