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KTS Von, whose real name was Devon Davis. He was born in December 1993. He was a rapper and also involved in gang activities in Chicago, Illinois, USA. He became well-known for his rap skills and got lots of attention for songs like Kill To Survive, Street Life, and No Love, which got millions of views. People also recognized him as the brother of the rapper KTS Dre. Unfortunately, he passed away on June 23, 2015.

Meet KTS Von, the brother of KTS Dre. He faced many challenges in his life. Sadly, he’s no longer with us, leaving behind a wife, kids, and a family mourning his loss. His life story is filled with ups and downs, and you can get to know more about this interesting person and his journey by exploring his biography and net worth.

He really liked guns a lot and would carry them openly in public without worrying. Because of his attitude, many people didn’t like him, and on June 23, 2015, some enemies shot him in the chest, and he passed away.

Who was KTS Von?

According to web news that Von’s brother, KTS Dre, passed away six years after Von was murdered, in a similar way. It’s said that Dre was shot 64 times and lost his life on July 10, 2021. Unfortunately, two unidentified women were also hurt during the incident, but they’re okay now, thankfully.

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KTS Von Wiki, Biography (Childhood, School & Age)

KTS Von Wiki, Biography (Childhood, School & Age)
KTS Von Wiki, Biography (Childhood, School & Age)

Von, whose real name is Devon Davis, was well-known as KTS Von, with KTS meaning Killing To Survive. He was born on December 1, 1993, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Von followed the Christian faith, just like his parents, and held American nationality. Unfortunately, he passed away at the young age of 21.

 Devon finished his early education at a nearby school. After that, he enrolled in college for further studies. He found his passion for singing and rapping when he was quite young. Von, who is known for his online presence, used to join in school activities too.


His dad, Vincent “Vinne” Davis, was in a gang called Gangster Disciples (GD). Sadly, his dad passed away in 2016 because of gang-related violence.

kts dres father
kts dres father

We don’t have information about his mom. His stepmom is called Vonya. He had a little brother named KJ and two half-brothers named Devon Davis (known as KTS Von) and Vinnie. They were all part of the KTS gang and involved in gang activities. KTS Von was also a rapper, but sadly, he was shot and passed away in 2015.

KTS Dre’s stepmother and half-brother (Vinnie)
KTS Dre’s stepmother and half-brother (Vinnie)
KTS Dre with his half-brother (KTS Von)
KTS Dre with his half-brother (KTS Von)


His career and all life read it

As a Gangster

KTS Dre’s family had a deep involvement in the gang culture, with his father setting the path for the siblings. Following his father’s footsteps, KTS Dre embraced the gangster lifestyle in his teenage years. The term “KTS” in his name represented ‘Kill To Survive,’ his gang name, and the gang collectively went by the name “Kutthroat.” The gang members adopted “KTS” and “Kutthroat” in their names. KTS Dre, along with his gang, frequented the 75th & Cottage in Chicago, the main block associated with KTS.

As a Rapper

In addition to his involvement in gang activities, KTS Dre was featured in music videos alongside KTS members. Notably, he appeared in the 2015 music video for “Kill To Survive,” a track by his brother KTS Von. Furthermore, KTS Dre showcased his rap skills in other music videos, including “Street Life” in the same year and a song titled “NLMBK- Pt. 2” with Kutthroat Rio in December 2019.


KTS Dre’s life was marked by legal troubles. In 2015, he faced arrest for possessing a weapon, leading to parole for the gun conviction. Subsequently, in April 2020, he was arrested again for weapon possession and resisting police, followed by a series of legal challenges, including breaches of bond conditions. Tragically, on July 10, 2020, KTS Dre fell victim to a fatal shooting shortly after his release from Cook County Jail. The circumstances surrounding his murder involved multiple suspects, leaving him with numerous bullet wounds.



KTS Dre adorned his body with various tattoos, including “Kill to Survive” with a target symbol on his neck and “Kutthroat” on his right forefinger. He was a heavy smoker, as evidenced by his frequent social media posts. Notably, he was related to Zeko of 051 Young Money, who had also experienced tragedy. KTS Dre’s death was part of a concerning pattern of violence among Chicago rappers, joining the list with others like King Von and FBG Duck. His social media presence often showcased him with guns and arms, highlighting a lifestyle that extended beyond his music career.

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Known AsKTS Von
Real NameDevon Davis
Birth Date1 December 1993
Death Date23 June 2015
Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, United States
Died AtSouth Ellis Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Age (at the time of death)21 Years Old
Cause Of DeathMurder with a gunshot
ProfessionRapper and Gangster
Sun SignSagittarius
Net WorthUS$ 1-2 million (approx)

KTS Von Parents, Siblings, and Ethnicity

KTS Von, from what I read on Wiki, was African American. His dad, Vincent Davis Sr., was known for being involved in a gang. Sadly, his father lost his life to gang violence on July 25, 2016, at 6600 block of South Michigan Avenue. KTS Von has seven siblings, but there’s not much info online about where his brothers and mother are. He also shared several pictures of KTS Dre.

His actual name is Londre Sylvester, but people knew him as KTS, which stands for Kill To Survive. Online, you might find him by another name, Kutthroat Dreko. Londre was not just a rapper but also involved in some street activities. He even appeared in his brother’s music videos for Kill To Survive. He collaborated with several music companies.



KTS Von Family (Father, Mother, Brother, and Sister)

Family MemberRelationship
Vincent Davis Sr.Father
Vonya SylvesterMother
KTS DreBrother
Vincent Jr.Brother
Kennie / NikkiSister


KTS Von’s Death Cause, Shot & Dead Body

KTS Von’s Death Cause, Shot & Dead Body
KTS Von’s Death Cause, Shot & Dead Body

Devon did what his dad did, becoming a gangster in Chicago. He got into trouble a lot for being into guns and doing illegal stuff. On June 23, 2015, someone from a rival gang shot and killed him. Witnesses say they saw a car full of people who didn’t like Devon near 7500 South Ellis Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

First, they wanted to know if he was KTS Von. When he turned around, they shot him right in the chest, and he fell down. After that, they hurriedly put a whole bullet into his chest to make sure he was completely gone. Davis passed away when he was only 21. Right now, both the people believed to have killed him are also no longer alive.

KTS Von Wife, Girlfriend & Personal Life

KTS Von Wife, Girlfriend & Personal Life
KTS Von Wife, Girlfriend & Personal Life

During his career, he kept his private life away from the media. However, he openly expressed feelings of love and romance on his Instagram. He shared a picture with a girl, calling her his valentine, leading us to think she might be his girlfriend. Yet, he never officially confirmed his relationship status.

Personal Information

Certainly! Here’s a table of contents based on the provided information:

Marital Status



 Yes (name not known)



Physical Appearance

Devon was really into rapping, but what he was super famous for was his love of tattoos. He had a bunch of them on his arms, chest, and even his face. One of his tattoos was in color on his neck. KTS was around 5 feet 7 inches tall (about 1.7 meters) and weighed about 165 pounds (75 kilograms). He had long hair and liked to rock stylish outfits.

KTS Von Height/Weight

Height (approx)– 1.7 m
– 170 cm
– 5’ 7″
Weight (approx)– 165 lbs
– 75 kgs
Hair Color– Black
Eye Color– Black
Tattoos– Arms, chest, face, neck, and hands
KTS Von Height/Weight

KTS Von Career

KTS Von Career
Source (youtube)

When he was young, he really loved singing and rapping. He made an album called ‘Neva 4Get Da Smoka,’ which has songs like Smokas, 1120 Bos, I’m Off Dat, Clap, Kill To Survive, and more. Von worked with famous singers and record companies on this album.

It’s said that his big brother, KTS Dre, appears in his music videos like Street Music and Kill To Survive. Devon Davis did some illegal stuff using his well-known name.

KTS Von Net worth

KTS made a good amount of money through his work, mainly from rapping and performing live. He also had some pricey illegal weapons. KTS lived a luxurious life with his brothers and kept his financial details private. Based on our estimate, KTS Von’s net worth is roughly between 1 to 2 million US dollars.

Some Facts About KTS Von

 Right before he passed away, he posted his final picture on June 22, 2015.

Von has 18.1k followers on his Instagram page @bigkutthroat_dasmoker.

KTS used to hang out and have drinks with his friends and siblings.

Checked out Von’s social media and saw he used to smoke a bunch.

Noticed he had ‘Show No Mercy’ tattooed on his chest.

Found his Snapchat ID: @bigkutthroat.

Also, saw that Devon Davis liked wearing a cross and lock pendant.

He shares lots of pictures of guns and smoke on his Instagram.

There isn’t much information about his biological mom online.

In 2014, Devon used to be quite active on social media.

KTS Von Wikipedia / Social Profile / Instagram

FacebookWill Update
IMDbNot Available
WikipediaNot Live
BlogSproto Home PageClick Here

Frequently  Asked Questions

Did Dre have a brother?

He was 6 brothers

1.KTS Dre





6.Vincent Jr.

What is KTS Chicago?

Chicago rapper KTS Dre was gunned down last weekend in a barrage of gunfire as he walked out of Cook County Jail where he had been locked up since early June for violating his bond in a felony gun case, according to reports.

What is kts dre real name?

His real name was Londre Sylvester.

What is kts von Instagram?

His Instagram id name is  bigkutthroat dasmoker.

Final Thoughts

KTS Von, known as KTS Dre’s brother, has a detailed Wiki biography that sheds light on various aspects of his life. The Wiki covers key details, including his family, wife, kids, and net worth. Unfortunately, it also delves into the tragic circumstances of his death.

 This comprehensive source provides a glimpse into KTS Von’s personal and professional life, offering readers a chance to understand more about this individual.

The Wiki biography not only explores KTS Von’s personal life but also delves into the impact of his death on his family and friends. It serves as a memorial, honoring his memory and highlighting the connections he shared with those around him.

 While the details provide insight into his life story, they also remind us of the importance of empathy and sensitivity when discussing such topics. Overall, the KTS Von Wiki biography offers a platform to remember and reflect on the life of an individual who left a lasting impact.

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