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Diana Nyad isn’t officially married. But her bond with Bonnie Stoll spans over 40 years showing a deep commitment. Bonnie Nyad’s partner stood by her during her historic swim from Cuba to Florida in 2013. Their relationship transcends traditional marriage symbolizing unwavering support and love through challenges.

Nyad often refers to Stoll as her spouse emphasizing their profound connection. While legal marriage wasn’t an option for them for most of their relationship. Nyad and Stoll’s enduring partnership is an inspiration to many. They have shown that love knows no bounds whether it is through official vows or the strength of their bond.

Who Is Diana Nyad?

Diana Nyad is a world-renowned endurance athlete and one of the most accomplished long-distance swimmers in history. In 2013 at the remarkable age of 64 she became the first person to successfully swim the treacherous 110-mile journey from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage, completing the grueling 53-hour feat after five failed previous attempts.

This death-defying swim cemented Diana’s reputation as a supreme athlete with an unbreakable will and the ability to push the boundaries of human endurance further than most thought possible. Her incredible achievements have inspired millions around the world.

Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll’s Enduring Relationship

At the core of Diana Nyad’s ability to accomplish such superhuman athletic milestones is her profound life partnership with Bonnie Stoll, her confidant, teammate, and soulmate of over 40 years. Despite same-sex marriage not being legal for most of their relationship. Diana and Bonnie have proudly considered themselves “married in their hearts” since the 1970s when their romance first blossomed.

Their eternal commitment to one another through triumph and heartbreak alike stands as a shining example of devotion and love conquering all obstacles. As proud pioneers of LGBTQ+ rights and visibility. Diana and Bonnie’s story has inspired and empowered millions of people around the world.

Who Is Diana Nyad’s Husband?

Technically speaking, Diana Nyad does not have a legal husband, as she and Bonnie were unable to officially marry for most of their relationship. However, in the spiritual sense, her partner Bonnie Stoll is unquestionably the closest person Diana has to a wife and life partner.

Their soul-deep connection over four decades of facing life’s ups and downs together shoulder-to-shoulder exemplifies an ideal marriage in every way except for the legal documentation. As Diana herself has said “Bonnie is my co-captain my spouse, my everything.

Diana Nyad Wife

Diana Nyad Wife
Diana Nyad Wife

While they were never able to obtain an official marriage certificate and have a wedding ceremony due to the laws of the time, Diana proudly and unabashedly refers to Bonnie Stoll as her “wife” in every way that truly matters.

After spending over 40 years building an amazing life chasing dreams, and taking on the world’s toughest challenges as inseparable partners. Bonnie is the undisputed love of Diana’s life and her devoted better half. Their bond exemplifies what the sacred vows of marriage are meant to represent.

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Diana Nyad Spouse Name

The name of Diana Nyad’s lifelong spouse and partner is Bonnie Stoll. The two lovebirds met through mutual friends in the late 1970s and quickly realized they had found their soulmate in each other.

From that fateful encounter blossomed one of the great real-life love stories of modern times, as Bonnie and Diana built an amazing life together in pursuit of their shared ambitions, dreams and principles.

Diana Nyad Partner Details

While Diana Nyad is the supremely talented athlete. Her partner Bonnie Stoll is a highly skilled businesswoman in her own right. Their complementary areas of expertise and shared determination have allowed them to form an unstoppable, dynamic partnership where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Bonnie’s business acumen handling the operations, logistics, and promotional efforts has been a driving force that empowered Diana to focus singularly on her athletic pursuits. They are a well-oiled machine propelled by their deep, romantic connection.

Diana Nyad Love Story 

Diana and Bonnie’s iconic love story is one for the ages. After meeting through a mutual group of friends in the late 1970s. The pair quickly realized they had found “the one” and became inseparable soulmates. As Diana herself recounted:

“When Bonnie and I first locked eyes, we both knew in that exact moment our lives had forever changed. There was an instantaneous, magnetic energy that just drew us together as one. We rapidly became completely infatuated lovebirds.”

From that lightning bolt of connection, they began building an amazing life and relationship strengthened by their shared ambitions, values, and devotion to each other through every high and low life thrown their way.

Diana Nyad Married to Bonnie Stoll

While Diana and Bonnie were never able to have an official marriage ceremony due to the laws of the time, the two have proudly considered themselves as “married as two people can possibly be” since the earliest days of their relationship in the 1970s.

Their eternal, unbreakable commitment has withstood the tests of time, distance, and every challenge life has thrown their way over more than four decades together as inseparable life partners. Bonnie and Diana’s union is a beautiful celebration of romantic love in its purest form transcending any single definition of marriage.

Diana Nyad Relationship Timeline

  • 1970s: Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll meet through mutual friends and begin dating
  • 1975: The couple moves in together in Miami as they solidify their commitment
  • 1979: Bonnie is by Diana’s side supporting her historic swim from Bimini to Florida
  • 1997: Diana is forced to end her Cuba swim attempt prematurely due to jellyfish stings but Bonnie never wavers
  • 2013: At age 64 Diana accomplishes her lifelong dream and swims from Cuba to Florida, with Bonnie leading her support team
  • Present Day: Still blissfully united after over 40 incredible years, their love story continues to inspire

Diana Nyad Gay Relationship

Not only is Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll’s romance one of the longest-enduring relationships in the LGBTQ+ community. But their iconic status as proud gay rights advocates has made them pioneering role models for millions.

For decades, their unshakable commitment and visibility as an outspoken, loving couple has helped blaze a trail towards greater understanding, empowerment, and acceptance of same-sex relationships around the world. Their love story is a beacon of hope to the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

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Bonnie Stoll Diana Nyad Relationship

So what is the secret to Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll’s ability to keep the spark alive and their relationship thriving over more than four decades? Those close to the couple emphasize a few key factors:

Wholeheartedly Supporting Each Other’s Dreams: No matter how lofty or challenging the dream, Diana and Bonnie always had each other’s backs to make those ambitions reality.

Separate Worlds That Intertwine Perfectly: While Bonnie was handling the business side, Diana could focus purely on athletics, but they’d reunite as a united front. 

Never Losing the Romance: Despite the pressures of their careers, they always made their romantic connection the top priority with ample couple’s time.

Unwavering Trust and Chemistry: At the end of the day, their bond was rooted in a deep spiritual, emotional, and physical connection that could weather any storm.

The perfect blend of these elements enabled their relationship to only grow stronger over the decades as they chased their dreams as teammates and soulmates.

Diana Nyad Cuba to Florida Swim Partner

Diana Nyad Cuba to Florida Swim Partner
Diana Nyad Cuba to Florida Swim Partner

When Diana Nyad finally accomplished her long-held dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida at age 64 in 2013, no one was more essential to that success than her life partner Bonnie Stoll.

Bonnie herself manned the helm of Diana’s 35-person support team and crew, providing unrelenting guidance, leadership and emotional encouragement for all 53 grueling hours Diana spent battling the intense elements. When Diana felt like giving up, it was Bonnie’s voice that pushed her onward.

Without the power of their romantic partnership and Bonnie’s strategic oversight, Diana’s historic feat may never have been achieved. It was the ultimate testament to what a unified, devoted couple can accomplish together.

Diana Nyad Endurance Athlete Spouse

Few relationships in this world could withstand the physical and mental toll needed to enable a supreme endurance athlete like Diana Nyad to push the boundaries of human limits. Luckily for Diana. Her spouse Bonnie Stoll possesses the emotional endurance and resiliency to match.

While Diana spent years undertaking extreme training regimens and superhuman athletic endeavors, Bonnie was right by her side every grueling step of the way. Her unwavering belief in Diana’s abilities and the encouragement she provided was the fuel that empowered Diana to keep attacking even her most ambitious goals. As Diana herself has stated,

“Bonnie’s constant, unconditional love and support is why I’m able to keep challenging myself at this level. She’s my ultimate supporter and team captain.”

The endless reserves of faith, strength and commitment Bonnie has shown in being the ideal partner to an elite endurance athlete like Diana is just as impressive as Diana’s own physical feats. Their bond transcends the traditional spousal connection.

Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll Interview

In an joint interview Diana and Bonnie provided a candid glimpse into the heart of their four-decade romance:

Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll Interview
Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll Interview

Diana Nyad

Bonnie is truly the co-captain of my life. She’s my spouse my partner, my everything. Her belief in me is truly why I keep chasing these crazy dreams no matter what the odds. 

Bonnie Stoll

Diana’s relentless courage and unbreakable spirit amaze me every single day. Just when any normal person would call it quits, she keeps rising to even greater heights. I’ll forever be her biggest fan and source of ‘you can do it’ energy.


The remarkable thing is we are even bigger soulmates today than when we first fell for each other all those years ago. Our spiritual connection only grows stronger.


Our love has weathered every storm life has thrown our way and emerged stronger each time. That’s the power of our commitment nothing can break the cosmic bond we share.

These excerpts reveal the depth of their heart-connection and ability to keep inspiring one another to greater heights through teamwork and devotion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Diana Nyad have a spouse?

A: Though not officially married, Bonnie Stoll is considered Diana Nyad’s closest person to a spouse and life partner.

Is Diana Nyad dating anyone?

Diana Nyad is not currently dating anyone, as she has been in a committed relationship with Bonnie Stoll for over four decades.

What is the nature of Diana Nyad’s relationship?

Diana Nyad shares an iconic love story with Bonnie Stoll, marked by commitment, teamwork, and devotion.

Are Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll married in the traditional sense?

Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll have proudly considered themselves “married in their hearts” since the 1970s despite not having a legal marriage ceremony.

How long have Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll been together?

Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll have been together for over four decades, showcasing an enduring partnership and love story.


While they never had the opportunity for an official marriage ceremony, the profound, enduring love shared between Diana Nyad and Bonnie Stoll puts forth one of the most inspirational definitions of what a true marriage should embody.  Their over four decades of relentless commitment to one other’s dreams. And building an amazing life and partnership and chasing goals with a unified team mentality is the actualization of romantic vows on the grandest scale.  

Your beliefs define marriage by a legal ceremony or the eternal bonding of two souls, Diana and Bonnie’s beautiful journey together serves as a timeless example of love’s incredible power to conquer any obstacle through loyalty, understanding and an inseparable spiritual connection. For the LGBTQ+ community and anyone who celebrates unconditional love. Their iconic story will forever be a beacon of hope that the heart’s truth can shine brighter than any single definition.

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