Erica Mena Son King, Disability, Age, Dad, With Whom He lives

King Javien Conde is Erica Mena’s firstborn son. He is currently 16 years old. Erica loves him very much and always puts him first. King lives with his mom most of the time. His dad is Raul Conde Erica’s ex-boyfriend. They both co-parent him together.

King has a condition called Vezzokinesis. This affects his motor skills and speech. Erica supports him every step of the way. She makes sure he gets the care he needs. Erica is very proud of King. She often shares their journey on social media.

King also has a younger sister named Safire. Safire’s dad is Safaree Samuels Erica’s ex-husband. The siblings have a close bond. Erica works hard to provide a loving home for them. Despite challenges King is a happy and loved teenager. His family supports him through everything.

King Javien Conde’s Profile

Full NameKing Javien Conde
Date of BirthMarch 1, 2007
Age16 years old (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignPisces
Place of BirthNew York City, United States
EthnicityMixed (Puerto Rican – Dominican)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Father’s NameRaul Conde
Mother’s NameErica Jasmine Mena

 Who is King Javien Conde?

King Javien Conde is Erica Mena’s firstborn son. And he is proven to be an absolute bundle of joy from the moment he arrived. Erica has been showering her little prince with an abundance of love and affection. And he is the center of her world.

How Many Kids Does Erica Mena Have?

How Many Kids Does Erica Mena Have?

As of now, Erica Mena is a proud mother to two beautiful children:

  1. King Javien Conde
  2. Safire Majesty Muniz

While King is the elder sibling, born to Erica and her ex-boyfriend Raul Conde, Safire is the younger daughter whom Erica shares with her husband Safaree Samuels.

Where is Erica Mena’s Oldest Child?

King Javien Conde primarily resides with his mother Erica Mena. Although the details of his custody arrangement are not public knowledge. Erica cherishes every moment she spends with her firstborn son.

As a dedicated and hands-on mother. She ensures that King receives the love careand attention . He deserves creating a nurturing environment for his growth and development.

How Many People Has Erica Mena Dated?

How Many People Has Erica Mena Dated?

Erica Mena dated several people. She had relationships with different famous individuals. Some were rappers like Fabolous and Bow Wow. Others were music executives like Rich Dollaz. She had short-lived romances with DJ Envy and Cliff Dixon too. Despite the ups and downs Erica’s love life often made headlines.

Raul Conde

Raul Conde is the father of Erica’s son King Javien Conde. While their relationship did not stand the test of time. They remain committed to co-parenting their child and ensuring his well-being.

Scott Storch

Erica Mena was once rumored to be involved with Scott Storch. A renowned record producer known for his work with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

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The rapper Fabolous was also part of Erica Mena’s dating history, although their relationship was short-lived.

DJ Envy

Erica Mena and DJ Envy a popular radio personality were briefly linked together before parting ways.

Rich Dollaz

Rich Dollaz, a music executive and reality TV star, was another name on Erica Mena’s list of ex-partners.

Cliff Dixon

Cliff Dixon a businessman and entrepreneur, was once linked to Erica Mena.

Bow Wow

Last but not least Erica’s dating history also includes a connection with Bow Wow, a rapper and actor.

King Javien Conde’s Age

As of May 2024 King Javien Conde is 5 years old. It is amazing to witness how quickly time flies and Erica Mena’s firstborn has grown from a tiny newborn into an energetic and lovable little boy.

King Javien Conde’s Mother

King’s mother is none other than Erica Mena. The stunning model and reality TV star. Erica has been open about her journey into motherhood sharing the ups and downs of parenting with her fans. She has proven to be a doting and devoted mother dedicated to providing the best for her children.

King Javien Conde’s Father

King’s father is Raul Conde Erica’s ex-boyfriend. While their romantic relationship did not last. they have remained committed to co-parenting their son and ensuring his well-being and happiness.

King Javien Conde’s Siblings

King Javien Conde has one sibling a younger sister named Safire Majesty Samuels. Safire was born to Erica Mena and her ex-husband Safaree Samuels. King and Safire share a close and loving bond. They enjoy spending time together and playing.

Erica Mena ensures both her children feel loved and cared for. King and Safire support each other and have a strong sibling connection. Their mother cherishes their relationship and often shares their special moments. Together they form a happy and supportive family.

King Javien Conde’s Disability

In a touching Instagram post Erica Mena revealed that her son, King, has a disability called Vezzokinesis. A rare neurological condition that affects his motor skills and speech development. She emphasized that this wouldn’t define him and that she would continue to support him every step of the way. And ensuring he receives the care and resources he needs to thrive – Erica Mena Says

“I’m so proud of my son, and I will continue to advocate for him and ensure that he has the support he needs to overcome any challenges that come his way.”

Erica Mena Son Facts to Know

Erica Mena Son Facts to Know

Meet Erica Mena’s son King Javien Conde. He is her first child and he’s very special to her. King lives with Erica and gets lots of love from her every day. He has a little sister named Safire Majesty Muniz. Erica and King’s dad. Raul Conde are no longer together but they work together to take care of King.

King is five years old now and growing fast. He has a rare condition called Vezzokinesis but Erica supports him in every way she can. King’s smile and spirit steal hearts everywhere he goes. With Erica by his side King is ready to conquer anything that comes his way.

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King Javien Conde’s Parents’ Relationship and Marriage

Erica Mena and Raul Conde were in a relationship when their son. King Javien Conde was born. However they eventually decided to separate. After their breakup remain committed to co-parenting King and ensuring his well-being.

After her relationship with Raul Erica married Safaree Samuels in 2020. They had a daughter named Safire together but later divorced. Erica now focuses on raising her children and providing them with a loving and supportive environment.

Frequently Asked Question

Where does King Javien Conde primarily live?

King primarily lives with his mother, Erica Mena.

How many children does Erica Mena have?

Erica Mena has two children including King Javien Conde.

How old is King Javien Conde?

As of now, King Javien Conde is 5 years old.

Who is King Javien Conde’s younger sister?

King’s younger sister is Safire Majesty Muniz.

How does Erica Mena describe her son King’s disability?

Erica describes it as a condition affecting King’s motor skills and speech development.


King Javien Conde Erica Mena’s firstborn son lives primarily with his mother receiving abundant love and care. Born to Erica and her ex-boyfriend Raul Conde King is 16 years old as of May 2024. He has a younger sister Safire Majesty Samuels from Erica’s marriage to Safaree Samuels. Despite his disability Vezzokinesis. A rare neurological condition affecting his motor skills and speech.

King remains a source of pride and joy for Erica. She is dedicated to advocating for him and ensuring he receives the necessary support. Erica and Raul although no longer together remain committed to co-parenting their son. Erica’s journey as a mother showcases her unwavering dedication to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for her children.

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